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The Alpine Chalet for all Seasons

Luxury, Tailor Made For You

Fully Catered to Self Catering

Whether summer or winter you can take life at pace which suits you. In the fast lane, skiing, cycling, snowboarding or walking, riding, paragliding, or simply relaxing watching the sun go down, one thing is constant and that’s the shear beauty and awe of the surroundings which envelope you.

Coccinella - skiing chalet in Klosters


Coccinella, completed (Winter 2005), is a luxury chalet located in the stunning Swiss Alpine village of Klosters.

Klosters has the enviable combination of some of the finest winter sports and summer facilities you could ever wish to find. The village offers almost everything you could possibly wish for from gourmet cuisine to health spas, swimming pools to horse drawn sleighs, cycling, golf, climbing, snowboarding, skiing. The opportunities are endless.

Coccinella is situated on Doggilochstrasse a short distance from the town centre (7 minute walk) in a quiet micro location with its own ammenities including a Denner Satelite supermarket (20m behind the Chalet), private gardens which include a swing, slide and seating area. A bus stop is located 15 meters from the house which goes both into Klosters (manin train station) or up the Valley to the hamlet of Monbiel.  The Chalet benefits from 3 car parking spaces (2 under ground, secure,  temperature controlled, 1 on Doggilochstrasse).

Coccinella is a beautifully designed contemporary house blending traditional Swiss architecture with modern, open, spacious rooms.

Klosters and Coccinella together provide a magical balance, a feeling of thrill and excitement combined with warmth, comfort and space to relax in your own complete privacy.

Coccinella can be rented as self catering or fully catered (including valets, driver and professional cook).


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